New AI tools to make your life easier! (AI Meme generator, AI SEO, AI voice,…)

Do you like memes? I love memes like this one or that one or this one.

AI Meme generator

There is an artificial intelligence tool you can use to produce memes like these. So there is this tool called It’s an amazing tool where you can start for free, and it’s an artificial intelligence that produces memes for your success. So you click on, start for free, and then you make an account.

You go to text to meme, for example, and you just type in any text. You want to choose. For example, when an AI takes over your job, you click on generate and you get like a few free, super memes there. and the AI has produced these memes. When the AI takes your job, when the AI takes your job, I love it. When you’re replaced by an AI, when the AI is better at your job than you are.

Oh my God. It’s so good. Let’s type in just one word, blockchain. So blockchain is like a spreadsheet. when somebody tries to explain blockchain to me, . Type in YouTube when YouTube and boring, when you’re so bored of YouTube, that you start watching videos on Instagram, you can even edit it afterwards and exchange the text here.

Very nice. And there’s one more tool you can use. You can lose theme memes. So you select, for example, here, a theme, and then you either upload your own picture or you pick just a template. Let’s take a template. This one will probably fit with crypto topic, and then you just click on generate and it just generated when you realize you haven’t left your house in three days because the market is crashing.

when you finally sell your Bitcoin at a loss, when Bitcoin hits $1 million and you still haven’t sold your Lamborghini. Yeah. Very nice. If you wanna get rid of the watermark, it’s nine. Month, super Check out this amazing tool. If you are into marketing, if you have an own website, if you even have maybe clients you’re producing search engine optimization for, then the next AI tool might be something for you.


This tool is called and it combines a lot of tools. I always love those artificial intelligence tools, where you have like many tool combined into one. And with this, you have things like and content editor, so it can write your content. It has a content planner plan, your content strategy.

You can audit your. And it has this amazing surfers, AI growth management platform. What you do, you log in, and there’s also a free version of this. If you don’t get enough traffic to your website. So fortunately AI and doesn’t get too much traffic. So I could. Apply here for the early stage and what it does, it analyzes your website and then it gives you tasks you can do.

So you don’t have to know anything about search engine optimization yourself, Dai chooses. What tasks, how to write tasks for you to do at the moment. First, learn how to write and publish an article in one minute. So it opens a video and it shows me how to write an. With surfer, And then you have the next tasks where it says, write an article, write this article about this topic.

Choose these keywords, you click on start and you can start creating an article. So this is basically what an SEO agency does for you. And you have now an artificial intelligence that does the job of an SEO agency. So, this is like the content. You get a content score, uh, the higher, the better the word structure, and it tells you here, the keywords, it analyzes your headings, tells you what keywords would be good to use.

You can click on outline and you have an outlined builder. Where it suggests you topics you could write about. And the cool thing is they even have a WordPress plugin, so you can integrate into your WordPress website and access the program from words, press itself. Isn’t that amazing? This is really cool.

And you can even try four free D AI article outline generator. So for example, what you wanna write about today about artificial intelligence and block chain generate outline, this tool is totally for free. Um, if you go to surfer,, you can check this out for free. The artificial intelligence produces for.

And outline therefore free and there we go. Blockchain versus artificial intelligence is the H one or conversions of blockchain, T and AI or artificial intelligence and blockchain integration in business. Transform a BI metric content analysis. That’s awesome. You can copy the selected ones. Copy them to your block post and.

Writing on those topics. Check out Link is in the description.

AI copywriting tool

The next tool is also about SEO, but it’s more like a copywriting assistance. We’ve already produced the video about AI writers to can check this video on the channel. But what we like here is that you go to products. You have here some free tools and look at.

At you have all those amazing tools for your success today to use for free actually. So what you can do here is. Something like a book, title generator. I’m working at the moment on a book on artificial intelligence, which I want to produce now for your success. And let’s find a book title for this book.

So what we are gonna write here is artificial intelligence tools. That’s the topic, some keywords here, AI tools. You click on generate and the AI generates some book tiles for us, the beginners guides to artificial intelligence. Oh, I love that one. The beginners guide to artificial intelligence tools.

Would you like to read such a book? Let me know in the comments below. So you see you have all those free AI to use for your success at blog idea generator. Before after bridge generator, Facebook ad And this tool itself, of course, is interesting because it has a Chrome extension. It has a paraphrasing tool.

It has a readability improver. It has has also an article writer. So check out If you are into copywriting and want the AI to produce for you. Your block posts or your content, by the way,

Free list of AI tools

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AI speech generator

That’s an interesting tool, which is. Coming out soon, which is called, transform your voice using AI. So let’s check out what this tool does you have here, a demo and example where we have mark Zuckerberg, Berg speaking. This is like the key question, right? Because the, the thing that’s different.

Virtual. Okay. This is the original video. Then I’ll put narrator, they changed his voice. This is like the key question, right? Because the, the thing that’s different about virtual and who cool, or you get a female voice. Well, this is like the key question, right? Because the, the thing that’s different about or noise, cause this is like the, which right, because.

The thing that’s different about this is so crazy. Let’s check out the online demo. So either you select your own file or you record a file. Welcome to artificial intelligence, ad blockchain. Then you choose a voice. Welcome forward to Al intelligence. Add blockchain, the cha, where you fund that is the tool for your success.

And you can just put in your email here and you will receive an email by them when the tool is ready for the moment you can just. Use the online demo, but I love those tools where you can tweak your voices. So this is going into the direction of deep fakes, of course, or just to have fun or to use the voice of somebody else.

Don’t misuse this of course, but It’s an interesting tool.

AI Photo Generator

The next tool is called photosSonic. We’ve already produced a video about, which is also an AI writer, but photos Sonic is a tool where you can produce pictures from a prompt. You are enter. So you sign in and you get like free credits.

I’ve already used some credits, but you can see here’s some examples what the AI can produce, actually. Wow. Look at those pictures, all generated with artificial intelligence in a really high quality. Let’s try it out ourself. And here you have the robot in new classical painting. Isn’t it. Awesome. Let’s try a robot.

Extract. And here you have your robots in abstract style. They are so amazing. Oh my God. Let’s try something complicated. A horse on Jupiter, dancing on a rainbow. Whoa, you can always buy some more credits. You get a hundred credits for 10 us dollars, but I have one suggestion for you.

Freei AI Photo generator

There’s also a free tool like this, which is called, which is at tool that uses Dall E.

This is Dall E one, so you can use it for free. Let’s try actually, maybe the same prompt, a horse on Trippi dancing. On a rainbow and let’s see what this AI, which is a little bit older produces for us. It’s older, but you can use it for free. And look at this. I love this. I mean, the horse looks a little bit strange, but this picture is like really awesome.

Or this, I mean, there is really Jupiter here in the background. Um, here you have more like the rainbow version of. This is totally for free. You can use those pictures for whatever you want to like. So that’s I love how these tools are coming more and more popular.