How to Use ChatGPT to Create Amazing Content for Your Business

This video talks about:

  • The latest features and news of ChatGPT, an AI tool that can generate various types of content
  • How to use ChatGPT to create videos, thumbnails, websites, and social media posts with different plugins
  • How to use ChatGPT to generate $100 million offers and landing pages with a prompt from Alex Hormozi
  • How to join the Brisk AI community and get a free copy of the book Mastering GPT for Business Prompting

How to Create Videos with ChatGPT


  • [00:00:05]1ChatGPT is going wild with new features and news
    • DALL-E 3, a picture generating software, will be integrated into ChatGPT
    • ChatGPT will become multimodal, allowing voice and image input and output
    • ChatGPT can produce code, riddles, dashboards, and workflows from images
  • [00:02:31]2How to create videos with ChatGPT using Wikipedia, CapCut, and Canva plugins
    • Use a prompt to ask ChatGPT to write a text about a topic using Wikipedia
    • Use CapCut to create a video from the text and edit it online
    • Use Canva to create a thumbnail for the video
  • [00:06:39]3How to create content for social media with ChatGPT using YouTube videos
    • Use Browse with Bing to find the most popular YouTube videos about a topic
    • Use a plugin to get a summary of the video in bullet points
    • Use another prompt to turn the bullet points into a long-form post for Twitter
  • [00:09:50]4How to create $100 million offers and landing pages with ChatGPT using Alex Hormozi‚Äôs prompt
    • Use a prompt from Alex Hormozi to describe an offer and get a score from ChatGPT
    • Use another prompt to improve the offer until it reaches a perfect score of 1 million points
    • Use another prompt to write a copy for a landing page with the offer