GPT3: The future of AI tools is here!

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Welcome to ai and blockchain – the channel where we find the newest artificial intelligence tools which you can use today for your success.

Today we’re gonna take a look at a new tool which is really really exciting because it uses already the gpt3 model.

If you guys don’t know what gpt3 is then please look it up. It’s one of the most important improvements concerning artificial intelligence. There have been a lot of rumors about gpt-3 and we’re starting to see new tools emerging from this technology.

The tool we want to take a look at today is called visology. It’s an exciting tool because it says the following: it says “get a i generated answers to all your business questions about companies strategic insights and contextual business intelligence driving transformational change worldwide”

So they’re promising actually a lot and the best thing is you can start for free with this. So it’s zero dollars at the start but afterwards it costs only 19 dollars which is also not too much i would say. So what the tool does it gives you business insights and it gives you new ideas. So the gpt-3 artificial intelligence helps you in finding new business models. We’re gonna try it out today.

You make a free account, sign up with google and you start here with your dashboard. So let’s start with the first point by brainstorming ideas. Let’s start with our business case. Let’s start with artificial intelligence and blockchain. Okay, get me new ideas. Let’s see the magic happen. Let’s see: blockchain in energy, blockchain in energy and energy in blockchain, a blockchain network that tracks the production and the use of energy. Seems like a good idea because when it comes for example to bitcoin there is always this big this big discussion about the huge energy consumption of the bitcoin network. In my opinion this is going to be a really strong force in driving us in finding new sustainable energy sources because people are going to use more and more energy and we just don’t have enough energy in this world so blockchain and bitcoin technology could be a provider for green energy actually in the future.

But let’s add this to our project and we’re already over the plan. Let’s invest.

A few moments later.

Okay so now what i just did was a little trick here. What i did was i went over to and i made an account there and there i looked for visiology and there i found it so on

This is not sponsored by the way. You find really really good deals and i paid only 69 for a lifetime subscription now for physiology. But yeah i invested 69 dollars please give this video a like so we can try out now this software for you. The thing is i have to start all over again unfortunately because i had to make a new account. The ai gpt 3 is calculating. Here is what it came up with:

A website where you can post ads for robots.

Share data on the blockchain.

A place where you can post ads for ai’s.

This is well interesting but let’s get some more because i can get now for free as much as i want.

A meta search engine for ai news – i really like that one.

A community for developers investors founders and enthusiasts of bitcoin. That’s quite nice.

Youtube build on blockchain – now this is a really good idea i would say.

Let’s add it to the project. So down here we have already company suggestions. Youtube let’s add it to the project. Let’s get a market overview so here we can find some patterns, some sectors and categories and companies. Interesting. What do we have here. So green are the patterns financial services. I don’t know what this is useful for but it looks interesting.

So let’s give this idea a name. Let’s use the ai to name this project. youtube build on blockchain is the idea. Second choose actually the keywords that define your product description. Let’s see what names the ai can come up with. Youtube 2.0 – well that’s very clever. Byte shaker – I like that one. Black token. Shaker ai. Shaker ai – does this already exist? Doesn’t exist so let’s take it. Very nice. Shaker ai. Add to project.

Let’s get one more name: the aig generated response may contain unsafe content! Gpt3 is trying to destroy us! Again recommended companies down here again the market overview let’s get a market analysis now is a new platform which brings youtube on the blockchain a good idea yes a new platform called youtube tv has been created so that videos can be monetized straight from the platform the idea of a streamlined and decentralized blockchain based youtube has its definite potential however it will take a few more years to assess i agree on that let’s add it to the project r ai generated movies a good idea the answer is in terms of ai generated movies there isn’t any significant evidence so far so it’s hard to say if they are a good idea yeah we already also knew this but it’s interesting that it gives us this answer recent studies have shown that ai generated movies have been less successful than traditionally scripted movies yeah so far i would also agree there are many movies that are supposed to be movies that are not movies anymore this doesn’t make any sense okay what the hell are you talking about but we already find some new companies down here moviepass provides online subscription based ticketing services in the united states i like that one a lot let’s add it to the project let’s do some competitive intelligence what movie platforms do exist there are many platforms that exist some platforms are limited platforms for example netflix and it’s limited certain show tv shows and documentaries okay nice netflix and 21st century fox all right tomorrow so one day has passed and i’ve been playing around with visology to get to know the program better and then this happened i don’t know what it means maybe i need to get in contact with them because i actually bought a lifetime license for this program so i want to use it for my lifetime not their lifetime let’s summarize what the program is about what was really good was in my opinion the product naming what really worked out very well i described my product i put in some keywords and dai produced some really good names for those keywords and i googled those names afterwards and those programs or those companies didn’t exist so actually the name generator that worked quite good i would say the market analysis and the competitive intelligence maybe i used it wrong maybe it just doesn’t work out that well yet so i wasn’t too excited about this but i can show you now what is the final result because i get the idea where this is maybe going to in the future when we take this project you get now this whole list here where you have like at the start all the ideas that came out of the brainstorming you have the names for example shaker ai so what worked really well was i already went in with an idea and then the idea gave me some good advice and maybe enhanced the idea so for this i would say the program is quite useful yeah the market analysis as i said didn’t work out that well i mean the idea of a streamline and decentralized blockchain based youtube has its definite potential however it will take a few more years to assess i mean this is something we know for this we don’t actually need an artificial intelligence i didn’t put anything here in the competitive intelligence and corporate intelligence because there weren’t just any good results but this i really like because then the ai told me three companies that are going in the direction that are actually doing something where i want to go to and the three companies were youtube blockchain and moviepass moviepass i actually didn’t know living myself in austria but it came to strategy they added now those three companies here and i got some business patterns and then i could fill out this business canvas with the information from those three companies and i think this is quite useful because there you get really some insights into the companies and you get some ideas for every part of this business canvas so for example key partners could be youtubers could be content providers could be streaming platforms could be youtube partner programs key activities of my new company key resources like advertising customer segments for example for the company i wanted to start where you find the proposal on the website ai and which i called before delusion where this idea is okay we make a platform where you get like ai generated movie content and yeah film enthusiasts would be of course people who are in my customer segment or massive internet users the channels i would be using would be tv mobile apps mobile apps the website and so on or possible revenue streams and this is really interesting because it’s not only advertising this is obvious but why not subscription based why not uh something like a 9.95 unlimited plan uh or why not a monthly subscription ten dollars for example so you see you get some quite good ideas to fill out this business canvas this is something you should do anyway when you’re starting a new business and then the program really didn’t help me at all again because the swot analysis you have to do it yourself it doesn’t help you here or a pest analysis which means political economic social and technological this also doesn’t help here at all and then some conclusions and you can download the whole thing as a presentation or as a pdf and this is the presentation not quite formatted but you can take this information now and put it into a whole company presentation and maybe pitch it to possible investors with the whole canvas in there it’s actually quite good i would say it’s nice so to summarize it this ology is it worth the money yes or no i would say yes if you like to play with it if you like to get new ideas for your business if you know that this is just a new technology i mean gpt3 has been around for maybe one or two years so not so long this is quite new but i still can see where it will be going like imagine this just one or two steps better then it will really show its potential then the ai will really help you will really help you get to new ideas really get to new business ideas so without gym in one or two years this company really has a big potential for now you need to decide if you wanna go there and try it out so i hope this video was helpful for you this is ai and blockchain the channel where we find new tools and test them for you so you can use them for your success and don’t forget to go to and subscribe there to our newsletter where you get like the newest information on ai and blockchain sooner than even here on this channel and now send this video to a friend who might like it thanks for watching and see you in the next video hasta la vista baby