10 brand NEW AI TOOLS for 2022

10 amazing AI tools you can use today for your success. Welcome to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, The channel where we find the newest AI technology, the new tools you can already use today. Artificial intelligence is coming to you today. Let’s check it out.

Create free pictures with Dalle 2

Did you ever want to create pictures with the help of artificial intelligence? Now here’s your chance. Dalle 2 is now available to the public. You can just register there for free. You don’t have to wait anymore. You just log in and you get free credits from the start. And every month you receive free credits to let the I produce your amazing pictures. So let’s log in. So what I have done before, I have uploaded one of my old thumbnails, so you can even upload your own picture and then the I creates variations from it. So as you can see here, I’ve created all those robots. I will take one of those and make it a thumb. Of this video. Actually, there’s one tip here.

Get prompts for AI

There is the site playgroundai.com, where you see amazing AI art, which was also created by Dolly. So what I can do now, I can click on a picture here. I click on Copy prompt. I like this picture, so I get the prompt. I just type in here in Dolly. I click on Generate and it produces similar picture. Then this picture I have found here.

So playground ai.com is an amazing site if you want to get the right prompts for your AI art. And I mean, look at those amazing pictures that have been produced. Trust for me. By the ai. It’s amazing to see how picture editing has changed.

Interior design by artificial intelligence

This tool is called interiorai.com, and what this does is it’s an AI interior designer.

You don’t need to hire a designer anymore. You just take a picture of your room, you upload it here, and it creates those interior designs according to the style you’ve chosen. For example, tropical bohemian, neo plastic. Ski chale and so on. So let’s take a picture of the room then. You choose. Is a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or home office?

I would say home office because it’s my office here. I want freestyle. Get wild ideas style, like make it newclass. I’m more than neo classic guy. One. Render public and render. And there you go. So the AI has produced, interestingly, this render now, this interior design. I like it actually a lot. And you can take a look at what the AI has provided here for other people already.

It’s a nice software interior.com. If you’re cutting a lot of videos, then this AI tool might be something for you where you can do things like this.

AI video editing

You have produced a video and you’ve taken a lot of breaks. So what the AI does here, it automatically detects where you have not said anything and it cuts out those parts.

So that’s one feature. Or you get auto captions, you get auto subtitles into your videos, which might be useful for social media, for example. Or you have this smart background music that you can add to your videos. So it’s a tool that has a lot of AI features that come together to help you produce better videos.

Actually, this tool is called Wisecut.video. It’s interesting what those features are.

Free list of AI tools

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Register now received this list of over 90 AI tools for free.

AI for meetings

chorus.ai is an interesting tool that gives you insights about your calls, your meetings, and your emails. So it analyzes all of this and then gives you data and insights about this, and it’s also powered by ai. Let’s see what the AI does here.

AI for revenue teams. So maybe you’re using artificial intelligence already at your company. This tool might help you with your productivity. It has like a self learning system. As you can see here. It learns the language that you’re speaking. It shows you who had the longest manual. It showed you the total talking time.

It shows you patterns in your team meetings. It detects who has been speaking and transcribes the person and the things that are being said. So that’s corals.ai. It’s an artificial intelligence that improves your working place communication. You should definitely check this one.

SEO tools to rank on Google

This is called on-page.ai, and it helps you rank on Google.

There has recently been a Google update that tries to prevent the use of artificial intelligence, for example, for block posts. Be aware of this, but I guess this AI tool, Is good to use for seo, for search engine optimization. You enter your keyword, you get a list, and then you can see how those results get in and you can build your blog posts and you have like scores that show you and you can.

Even use an AI writer that writes the blog post for you already with the keywords you want to use. I love those tools that integrate many things into one tool, and on page AI is definitely one of those tools. Neural text. Speaking of text, we’ve already produced a video about AI writers, but what we have here in neural text is also an AI writer that can generate p.

That can produce an outline that can produce product descriptions. So for example, let’s take a product name here, which is called AI B, and the keywords are artificial intelligence tools and let’s generate a product. Description is a suit of artificial intelligence tools that can help you automate your business processes.

Create texts with AI

The tools can help you identify and resolve issues quickly so you can focus on your business goals. And the platform is easy to use so you can get started right away. Isn’t that amazing? Product Copy automatically created here for free at neuraltext.com. Check it. And it has a lot more stuff. It has a copywriter, it has keyword discovery to you can soon integrate it into WordPress and in Shopify, neural text.com.

AI SEO tool

Another amazing AI writing tool out there. Speaking of ai, writing an seo. We have found outranking.io. It’s another search engine optimization AI tool you should check out today. It’s helps you with your SE SEO strategy. It helps you with your writing, and it helps you with your execution. So you have like a topic strategy here.

You have AI writing. You have on page SEO and you have tracking and improvements all in one platform. That’s out ranking.io. Another AI tool which you could use today for your success. Check it out now outranking.io.

Free tutorial AI writer

Articleforge.com is also an AI writer with a free trial you can use today. It writes you at high quality.

Also text, which can be SEO optimized. You enter a keyword, you wait a few seconds, and you will receive the article from article forge.com. So it’s at AI writing tool you can use today for your success.

AI research writing tool

If you are more into research than genna genei.io. Is an AI tool, which lets you more easily research, so it automatically summarizes background reading and produces blogs, articles, and reports for you.

There’s also a free trial here. You ask a question and the AI will find an answer. You can use it also for academic writing, which. Actually quite interesting because it also implements like citation. So if you’re more into academic writing, then this tool might be interesting for you. It helps you with your citation.

It answers your questions. It also writes something for you. It’s powered by GPT three, another AI writer, but it’s more for the use case of professional writing and academic writing Check. This tool, gna.io.

AI stock images

The last tool is called stockai.com, another stock image platform. I recently said all those stock images platforms are gonna be gone soon because everything will be created on the spot.

Buy an artificial intelligence. You don’t need any photographs or graphic designers anymore because the, I will design it just in seconds. But here we have an interesting platform because it is actually a stock image platform, but it says, find exactly the image you need, and if it doesn’t exist, , we will create it for you instantly.

Let’s try it out, and you click here and you have an AI generator also here that produces your pictures. And there we go. The AI has produced these two nice pictures. I like that one a. You get a free download here. So that’s stock ai.com and look at all those amazing pictures. Some are stock, some are produced by artificial intelligence.

That’s stock ai.com. It’s interesting to see how they are merging this, all the technology or all the software with now new possibilities of artificial intelligence. So those were 10 tools.

Microsoft AI designer tool

There’s one bonus tool, which is called designer.microsoft.com. Oh, Microsoft has produced a new program, a new software, which is here for designing, and the cool thing is it also uses artificial intelligence.

The thing is they still have a waiting list. But here’s the tip, Rochester, today, so you are one of the first to try out the designer, the new designer to from Microsoft, which also includes artificial intelligence pictures. You can design social media posts and everything you. To design with the help of artificial intelligence.

I have already applied, but I haven’t got access yet. So I will tell you in an upcoming video how this AI designer is actually, is it good, is it bad? But you can register today and you will receive an email soon and try out this Microsoft new AI designing tool. How amazing is this?